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3-Day Dark Gunfighter Class from Talon Defense

Talon Defense runs a number of different "Gunfighter" courses through the year. There's another one coming up fast (mid-December; 14 - 16, 0900 to 2200) and if I understand correctly there are still a handful of slots left. This particular class will be focused on weapon deployment in confined spaces. You'll be shooting 500 rounds of handgun and 1,000 rounds of carbine over the course of 3 days, on the Gadsden PD range in Gadsden AL (not too terribly far from the Sock Capitol of the World).

Contact for information, or check them on Facebook: Course is $300

Course details and images from previous Talon Defense Gunfighter courses follow.

This class will be covering: Shooting into / out of vehicles Ballistics demonstration Proper use of cover Fighting to cover Shooting on the move Shooting moving targets Support side shooting & manipulations Single hand shooting & manipulations Shooting from the ground & unorthodox positions Positions of advantage vs. positions of necessity Weapon mounted light techniques Handheld light techniques

REQUIRED Equipment: Carbine with at least 4 magazines Weapon mounted light on carbine Quality sling for carbine (2 point preferred) Handgun with at least 3 magazines Weapon mounted light on handgun. Quality holster and magazine pouche(s) for handgun Ballistic armor or chest rig capable of securing/carrying extra magazines Duty rig or belt rig & holster capable of securing/carrying extra magazines Eye protections Ear protection (Amplified hearing protection HIGHLY recommended) Knee/elbow pads Face protection (scarf/bandana/balaclavan)

This is "train as you fight" course; they suggest run your full fighting equipment during the class.

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