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X95 (Tavor-2) Conversion Kit to 5.45

Israeli Weapon Industries has advised they're releasing a new conversion kit for the X95 "Tavor-2" for 5.45mm. Soon to be exhibited at Interpolitex in Moscow and then Expo Defensa Colombia, this makes the rifle convertible between 3 calibers (5.56mm, 9mm and 5.45mm) with silencer capability. The ability to digest ammunition of both "Eastern" and "Western" sources is intended to make the weapon relevant around the world.

IMI advises that the conversion kit has been tested in "...extreme conditions including dust, water, heat, and cold (- 60⁰C) - as well as for shooting accuracy - passing all tests with remarkable success."


The Tavor-2 is a bullpup design with a maximum effective range of 500m. Full specs at IWI.

Though some of the description from the press release is a bit grandiose and the idea of interchangeable barrels for multiple calibers isn't a new one, this does seem to make an already effective weapon system that much more appealing for those who use/need it.


I've never actually spent any time on the range with a 5.45mm weapon myself; what do you guys think of it?

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