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Weekend Discussion: Our Training & Our Available Instructors


Less than 1/100 of a %

"[This is written to be a] swift kick in the ass is really what it is for.  A way to say get out and train, you don’t know everything and you have no clue as to how much you don’t know..."

Right now there are about 50 high end instructors among our ranks.   Not all of them are well known.  i.e. Pat Goodale, my boss, friend and mentor has stayed away from the internet and away from writing in gun mags for his career.  But, Pat has a long and distinguished career that has spanned a couple of generations now and inside of the inner circle is looked up to by many of today’s most well known and followed instructors.  Many of the current philosophies of how we do things today were hatched in Jeff Cooper’s home in the hay days of Gunsite with Cooper, Ray Chapman, Pat Goodale, Pat Rogers, Louis Awerbuck, Bill Jeans, Bill Rogers and others making the transitional moves from the gentlemanly way of shooting to a more focused combat oriented way of doing things.

...These are the guys who broke new ground over cigars and gun powder...

...I’m here to tell you that skill building is not about hunting, doing a combat tour, watching a DVD or reading a forum.  Its about putting rounds down range in a structured, forward leaning environment while instructed and watched by a reputable, knowledgeable and interactive instructor..."       Rob Tackett


Read the full op-ed from TacStrike, it's worth your time. Then opine.

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