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Weapon Work Stations from Present Arms LLC


Present Arms LLC - a simple idea for weapon maintenance and cleaning.

One of the coolest part of doing the writing I do is not just meeting and making friends with professionals from literally every conceivable background, it's the occasional strange, frequently cryptic voicemails and texts I receive from those people - often out of the clear blue, at the strangest hours.

Sometimes the somewhat intoxicated message left by someone chopped to a MEU in Djibouti at 0330L (calling to talk about that "bad ass new optic" he's using) is difficult to justify to the wife, but I wouldn't trade it. I have the coolest, eccentric and most dangerous friends of anyone I know.

Thus it was no surprise when I woke up to a voicemail that said, "Dave, it's [friend from NYPD Bomb Squad]...Present Arms LLC, PresentArms dot com, f&^$ing good shyte, gimme a call back I'lltalktoyousoon."

So I checked out them out. Present Arms LLC is a veteran owned CNC shop in Massachusetts that manufactures firearm 'work stations' for weapon maintenance. The work stations are essentially solid bases, fixed or rotating, you can mount your weapon to in order to perform cleaning and repairs. From the Inspection Plate to Instructor's Plate (for Pistols) and the Gunner's Mate (for AR breed rifles), the Present Arms work stations provide a weapon-specific mount that holds the pistol upright via the mag well as well as providing a place to secure the slide and to keep any pins, springs, etc. you've taken out all in one place and organized.  You can get a work station for end user maintenance or full armorer take-down.

It certainly beats laying everything out on a towel, which is what I usually do.

"That way," my friend says, "If you f&^#ing sneeze your sh*% won’t go flying all over the room…”

Present Arms is on line at and on Facebook. They've only been in business for a few months.

"These are great guys," my friend said. "You know that after years in the industry you get a feel for who's legit and who's not...who is trying to f&^# you and whose not. These are genuinely nice guys with a great product. I can't say enough nice things about them or good things about their product. This is going to be great for guys like us and for guys into gunsmithing as well."

Trust me when I say you can take his word for it. I'll be ordering a Glock workstation and will let you know what I think when once it arrives.

Go check them out and see what you think.

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