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Training on Tuesday: Strategic Operations at the HALO Summit


We've posted several articles in the past about the upcoming HALO Corporation Counter-Terrorism Summit that's fast approaching. One of the many training possibilities the Summit will bring attendees is a series of immersive training scenarios set up and administered by Strategic Operations (the guys behind the "Hyper-Realistic™"  training scenarios many military personnel have attended).

Kit Lavell, Strategic Operations’ Executive Vice President (a former Naval Aviator who flew 243 combat missions), advises this will be a "...massive training effort that has rarely been conducted outside of military facilities, Strategic Operations will construct a developing world village on site at Paradise Point (aka ‘HALO Island’) utilizing Hollywood magic. As the backdrop for daily training scenarios, this parking lot-sized movie set will feature state-of-the-art structures, pyrotechnic battlefield effects, medical special effects, vehicles and blank-firing weapons.”

The end goal will be not only effective training, but stress inoculation on several levels (not just the individual operator). Those not attending one of these scenarios (which will be run twice daily, one by day, one at night) will be positioned to observe should they so desire.


The three scenarios are:

Downed Pilot Rescue Scenario – Oct. 30

The first-day scenario will feature action in the village, and in the air above Mission Bay. A downed pilot is trapped in the village and an airborne quick reaction force (QRF) will parachute onto HALO Island (weather and other factors permitting) to attempt to extract the downed pilot while the opposition force fires rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and small arms fire at them. The quick reaction force fights off the opposition, fights its way into the village, locates and administers aid to the pilot, extracts him and egresses.  The airborne QRF will be comprised of former Navy SEALs called the Elite Frogs.

Role players are briefed for a Strategic Operations PSD scenario.

Zombie Apocalypse Scenario – Oct. 31 (Halloween)

A VIP and his personal security detail (PSD) are trapped in a village surrounded by zombies. The VIP is in a building with his PSD, meeting with local officials. As the team begins to depart, a zombie-driven truck with a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) enters the area and is engaged by the security detail, resulting in early detonation of the VBIED. The VIP is wounded and his team must move through town while taking small arms fire and RPGs from the enemy. An armored vehicle arrives to extract the VIP and his team under fire. Shooters and PSD personnel are trapped in a walled-in compound by zombies. A firefight ensues, killing zombies, many of which fall and get up, needing to be shot several times before dying for good. Two members of the PSD are bitten by zombies outside of the compound. Once all zombies are dead, shooters take personnel to a field medical facility for security, decontamination and medical attention.

Medical Civil Action Program (MEDCAP) Scenario – Nov. 1

A MEDCAP mission in a remote village comes under attack by drug criminals. A quick reaction force will subdue the criminals.  Once the initial fire fight is over, the quick reaction force will then infiltrate into the village and subsequently secure the MEDCAP personnel and deal with the immediate aftermath of the attack, including casualties.  Once the casualties have been stabilized, and the area is secured, the quick reaction will then extract the MEDCAP personnel out of the hostile area.


To register or request additional details, call (619) 881-9125 ext. 3, email or visit Watch the Summit preview video for a sneak peek at the training, education and demonstrations that will take place.

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Here's an article about a training evolution with Strategic Operations from Fast Company:

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