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Training on Tuesday: Go Seek Instruction from Victory First

I’d like to let everyone know about a new training organization. Victory First, of Fredericksburg, VA, will be holding its first classes soon. Knowing the background and reputation of the man behind Victory First, I highly recommend you attend one (full disclosure - he is a friend).

Victory First’s Matt Jacques is a veteran tactical officer, former Marine and long-time industry consultant with an impeccable pedigree. He's been involved with firearms and tactics for over 20 years, is an accomplished horseman and a man who loves both beer and bacon with a fierce and terrible love.

My understanding is that V1 will be focusing on concealed carry/everyday carry (CCW/EDC/off-duty) classes initially—how do you respond with what you have on you when you’re at the grocery store, a movie theater or have taken the Residential Sergeant Major out to dinner. In addition to those courses, Matt will be featured on several upcoming episodes of Trigger Time and will be the host of a new Panteao Productions DVD.

His career began in the Marine Corps, where he was an MP and Presidential Security Support Specialist assigned to the Presidential Helicopter Squadron. Following his tenure wearing the Eagle, globe and anchor Matt spent a decade or so as a Police Officer, including tours in undercover work, Detective Unit and SWAT (working entry, sniper/counter-sniper, and reconnaissance). He is a founding member of CAFTF (Washington D.C.’s Capital Area Fugitive Task Force) and was both a departmental recruit training officer and FTO (Field Training Officer).

After recovering from a career-ending injury suffered in the line of duty, Matt spent two years as the Senior Manager for Weapons Integration and Training Operations with FNH USA. There he was involved in every aspect of the SCAR program as well as all development and training aspects of the M249, M240 and the FN SPR sniper rifle systems.

Most recently Matt’s been heavily involved in an assignment that has included hands-on firearms instruction and curriculum development and PSD instruction as well as designated marksman and defensive designated marksman instructor programs. He currently teaches live fire room entry, high risk environment tactics, foreign weapons, shotgun, handgun, submachine gun, LMG/GPMG and the gamut of sniper weapon systems.

Matt has numerous tactical/armorer qualifications and certifications from all over and remains heavily involved with He’s a contributor to Breach-Bang-Clear and The BOLO Report and as an SME he remains widely sought after.

The V1 website is currently under construction. In the meantime, watch their Facebook page for announcements and developing information. Hopefully I'll see some of you at his classes.

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