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Top Gear of 2011


Defense Tech recently released their "top service inventions of 2011" if you missed it. It took until nearly the end of 2012 to make the announcement and the "Gear Oscars" won't be celebrated until 2013 (I won't be moderating) but it's still an interesting read. Their list includes:


120mm Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative Cartridge

A 120mm Global Positioning System-guided mortar cartridge that provides infantry commanders with new precision-strike capability...

Caiman Explosively Formed Penetrator Add-on-Armor Kits

An armor package that can be integrated into a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle with little modification to an existing armor package, protecting the driver and commander sides and mitigating the exposed area from explosively formed penetrators...

Helmet Sensors

A helmet sensor and data retrieval system that measure impact and pressure events continuously...

Level 2 Manned-Unmanned Teaming for the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Helicopter

The L2MUM is a real-time system that receives video and metadata in the common bands, within a long range, and is used by fielded unmanned aerial systems first fielded on the Kiowa Warrior aircraft...

M2A1 Cal .50 Machine Gun

The M2A1 is an enhancement to the .50-calliber M2, including a modified barrel, barrel extension, barrel support, barrel handle, flash suppressor and a fixed headspace and timing configuration...

M982 Excalibur Increment 1a-2, 155MM Extended Range Precision Guided Projectile

The M982 is a GPS-guided, inertial measurement unit-aided, fin-stabilized, 155mm projectile flies a ballistic trajectory during its ascending branch, then a guided trajectory during its descending branch to preprogrammed target coordinates...

OH-58D Common Missile Warning System

The OH-58D Common Missile Warning System provides missile warning and countermeasures for infrared guided missiles.

Pelvic Protection System

The Pelvic Protection System is a response to an increased threat to deployed personnel by buried improvised explosive devises, providing protection from serious injuries to the pelvis, femoral arteries and lower abdominal organs in a blast or small fragmentation threat.

Precision Lightweight Universal Mortar Setter System

PLUMSS is a highly transportable, all-weather, rapid response, indirect fire control system that is capable of programming the world’s first precision guided 120mm mortar cartridge.

Soldier Plate Carrier System

The Soldier Plate Carrier System is a lightweight hard armor plate carrier system with a modular lightweight load carrying equipment attachment that has a quick release capability, which aids in reducing load, increases mobility and provides direct fire protection.

The SUTL is allegedly better than this bad boy. That's what the Army says anyway.

Small Unit Tactical Light

SUTL lights up target areas when motion is detected by using a 12-volt DC motion sensor to operate an infrared light. The motion sensor has a day/night sensor and switch to conserve battery life. A thermal imaging sensor is also encased with the motion sensor (motion must be made by something with substantial heat such as a person, large animal or vehicle).


Read the whole thing at Defense Tech.


So...what do you think of the choices, and what would you add to the list or change?

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