Sunday Funny: the Most Epic of Pistols


I'm going to release a Reeder Signature Edition Semi-Auto to compete with the others out there (Costa, Vickers, et al). I'm having second thoughts about this particular design though. There are a number of things wrong with suppressor, no laser, no folding bayonet, no cowitnessed optic...Frankly, it's missing so many accessories I don't know that I'd ever put my name on it (or buy more than just one).


Thanks to Griffon Industries for this picture, was apparently was sent in to them from a fan...and I'd like to give a shout out to all the people who thought it was real and that GI was going to make a holster for it.

Personally I'm disappointed this is photoshop and clay attachment. How awesome would it be to see someone drag iron with something like this at a serious shooting school?

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