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Rogue Gunfighter's Low Profile Armor Carrier

Rogue Gunfighter, which those of you who follow Rogue American Apparel may already be familiar with, has completed the final changes of their Rogue Gunfighter Carrier. The RG carrier is a multipurpose operations armor rig that can be used for soft armor or plates (front and back) or both, and it is sufficiently adjustable for the individual wearer to position the plates high, mid or low depending on his choice.

RG hopes to have them available for purchase by December. They're light, simple, and are made to be adjusted easily for mission/AO.  Their low profile design was intended for areas where "...guys are more likely to be wearing jeans, Converse and t-shirts or over shirts rather than in high visibility and clothing where they stand out as an easy target..."

The RG carrier has been field tested in a number of locales by experienced operators who "ran it through both low profile and high visibility scenarios and drills..." The Rogue Gunfighter rig has as clip-in MOLLE bib that gives the carrier some modularity. It can be left on the carrier, or course, or kept in a ruck, under a seat, in a vehicle or wherever. Conceivably the user could keep more than on bib pre-arranged for multiple load-outs as well. As there is no back strap running to the rear of the carrier, the bib will clip in and be be good to go. RG advises that it "...will not move once clipped."



Rogue Gunfighter LLC is a owned and operated by a group of former military personnel with extensive experience in the PSMC world, including operational deployments to Libya, Pakistan, Libya, South America, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Indian Ocean. Their self-described culture is derived from the "gunfighter" lifestyle and warrior ethos, and their motto is Fight Fast, Light, Ready to be Unpredictable. Professional backgrounds include OGA, USSOCOM, Intelligence, Counter-Piracy/MARSEC, High Threat PSD.


This rig is by no mans the only equipment they espouse, use or have had a hand in the design. We'll cover those in the next few days, but to give you an idea they have worked with High Threat Concealment (I love the look of their belt), Insight Technologies/L-3, Eotech, LCI, Smith Optics, Team Wendy, Kill Cliff (the tasty!), Smith & Wesson, Troy Industries and TAG.

The RG web page is under construction. The address will be and I'll let you know as soon as it's live. In the meantime, you can follow them on Facebook at

That's it for now. Go forth and conquer.

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