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Panteao: Intro to the Shoot House

 Panteao Productions is about to release their new DVD title Intro to the Shoot House. This one will be narrated/instructed by Pat Rogers and will begin shipping this month.

Mr. Rogers made time to speak with me yesterday and advised me that, "The reason we wanted to do a shoot house video is because shooting on the square range isn't sufficient. It's convenient, it's easy to do, but it doesn't train us like it should...the shoot house is an alien environment, and it's the next step."

This particular video will primarily consist of 2-man clearing and engagement techniques. Part of reason for this, I learned as the conversation developed, is at least in part for civilian application. I asked him specifically about civilian students (meaning 'strictly' civilian, without any LE or military background at all) because I have been extremely impressed with a number of the 'strictly civilian' shooters I've had the opportunity to see in the course of their training recently. This will be the subject of another piece entirely in the future, but suffice it to say I was very impressed with the length and breadth of the knowledge and proficiency some of these men and women displayed, and even more so at their training ethos as well as their ability to discuss equipment and TTPs intelligently and at length. With this in mind, I asked Pat Rogers specifically about civilian students in his classes.

"The majority of my classes are open enrollment," he answered, "but let's put things in perspective. I used to say 'active military', but the way things are the Guard and Reserve might as well be the same. So if it's military at all, or police, it's not a problem, but civilians have to be vetted to make sure they have the proper background. Some of my classes are open and some are not. Civilians can't come to the military range. A lot of police won't allow civilians, but some will encourage civilians to attend. This not only results in well trained civilians in their homes, but also well trained civilians for when they're in the court room on an officer involved shooting. They can render a decision based on reality."

You can pre-order Into the Shoot House now or subscribe to Panteao online and watch it streaming.Panteao, by the way (pronounced Pan-tē-ō) is Portuguese for Pantheon. Given the 'who's who' of tactical instructors and industry SMEs they've featured so far, and the others that have recently joined them, this seems like a fitting name.

From the announcement:  "Panteao Productions introduces the latest DVD title from Pat Rogers: Intro to the Shoot House. The Shoot House is an alien environment, and for a lot of reasons. Most of us receive our training on a Square Range.  In the Shoot House life is dramatically different. Targets may be anywhere. That means 360 degrees, as well as up/ down. You may also be with other people that are moving with you. Not to mention low light conditions. Pat Rogers, founder of EAG Tactical and retired Marine and Sgt in NYPD, takes you through all the fundamentals and techniques needed to build a solid foundation for shoot house work. Pat reviews team safety, making ready, movement in the house, dealing with doors and doorways, hallways, entering a room, communication, low light conditions, multiple room entry, and more. If your line of work puts you in harm’s way and you need to be able to safely clear a house as part of a two man team, this is a must have video."

A 'Pro Tip' from Pat Rogers, courtesy of Panteao Production (warning: language):


Pat Rogers has done two previous DVDs with Panteao, both on the carbine. He is a former USMC Chief Warrant Officer, retired as a Sergeant with the NYPD and founded and runs EAG Tactical. He's written for a number of publications, including the Marine Corps Gazette, Precision Shooting, Tactical Shooter and SWAT Magazine.

Pat Rogers on the cover of SWAT













Note: Panteao has several new instructors coming, most recently including photographer Yamil Sued, whose first DVD will Capturing the Action, about action photography for shooting sports and competitions. Other instructors recently added to the Panteao stable include Matt Jacques, John Chapman, Dave Spaulding and James Williams. Their most recent title, which started shipping about two weeks ago, was Fighting with the AK: Lost in Translation, taught/narrated by Sonny Puzikas. Let me know if that's something you want to hear more about.



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