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Griffon Industries/Steelflame Limited Custom Series



A Griffon Industries/Steel Flame Custom Holster.

Griffon Industries is going to be producing a very limited run of custom Kydex holsters in conjunction with Derrick Obatake of Steel Flame. Griffon Industries is largely known for Kydex holsters (particularly the black exterior/red interior that has become sort of a signature) while Steel Flame is the storefront organization of an extremely talented Master Jeweler (silversmithing, diamond setting, et al) and gemologist. Many people will recognize the distinctive Obatake style from both Expendables movies, though as evidenced by his web store he creates much more than that .

The holsters will be made by Griffon Industries to the customers specifications (make/model/light or laser, etc.) after which the jewelry selected by the customer will be mounted to the holster by Derick. Proceeds from this limited run will be going to a charity, though they're not sure which one yet. "That's up to Derick," says Jeff Griffon, "it's possibly going to be a cancer foundation, we're not sure yet but we will decide before we start making the holsters."

Though you won't find much about it anywhere because he does not like to tout it, Mr. Obatake is a strong supporter of what the readership of Kit Up! would consider very good causes.

The holster pictured in this article is the one made by Griffon for Mr. Obatake himself. It was all done by hand in carbon fiber to match the pistol grips. Customer options will OWB or IWB, including pancake/paddle, Griffon's 'progressive loops' (though for a custom job like this I'm not sure why someone would want an IWB holster). The progressive loops are cut for 1.5" to 2" belts and holds the weapon out from the body slightly. It's compatible with their PALS attachment and is adjustable for cant. (Note: they have numerous 'off the shelf' holsters with these options, if you're just looking for a regular holster).

A Griffon Industries/Steel Flame Custom Holster with Mag Pouch.

All holsters are made of .08" Kydex to avoid warping or deformation under extreme heat or cold and they are hoping to work with G-Code soon to make them RTI compatible.

Like virtually all holsters of this type, Griffon's are passive retention. Their holsters will hold a pistol with or without a light. Jeff Griffon advises, "It's with the light you get optimal retention...we like to hear that click, it's really got a snap to it with the light. There's good hold either way, and it's just a slightly faster pull without the light, you can hear and feel it with the light mounted, like when you put your iPhone into its case."

Note: Although Kydex holsters were the first pieces of kit Griffon produced when they launched, they are designing and building prototypes of other pieces of equipment that will be available in 2013.

If you're interested in one of these holsters (they're currently only planning on making 10 to 12) contact Griffon Industries at

An Emerson Karambit customized by Mr. Obatake of Steel Flame.


A Griffon Industries 1911 Holster with Double Mag Pouch

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