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GEN 3 PMAG Giveaway and Test Videos


As we've reported and our readership has discussed, Magpul has released a new generation of PMAGs. Now you can get your hands on some at no cost (maybe).

Magpul is going to give a way a case of PMAGs...actually, several cases of PMAGs. You can enter until 31 OCT at midnight. On Nov 1, 2012, the same day the GEN M3 PMAG begins shipping they'll select one winner that receives a case of GEN M3 PMAGS (that's 100) and five additional winners who'll each receive a case of GEN M2 PMAGs. Enter by reading the rules at the link below, and fully completing the survey that is linked after the rules acknowledgement. If you're interested, Magpul has released a series of test videos on the new PMAGs.The first video is feed-lip drop testing of a magazine at room temperature,  dropped on concrete from 6 feet  followed by full auto function fire. All drops were from a fixture to control impact angle and release. The second one is a side impact test they improvised using a dummy rifle to demonstrate resistance to impacts a mag might suffer when a shooter drops to the prone on rocky ground, falls, etc. %embed1% %embed2%

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