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Firefight in a Mud Hut

The description of the video advises this is an SF/ANA operation. There is no way to easily vet the video or those involved, however the fundamentals of what occur seem fairly obvious regardless of what unit the POV shooter belongs to. Likewise whether they're ANA or ANP.

This video was not posted to second-guess the tactics and actions of those involved. Rather to have an intelligent commentary on the value of good training and stress inoculation.

There are a number of necessary limitations to the process of training someone. Even motivated instructors delivering good instruction are limited by the quality of their students. Even trained students can perform poorly until they are practiced as well as trained - sometimes bad things happen to those who do it right, after all. Even the guys with balls get hurt or killed: testicular fortitude is a good thing, but will not compensate for poor training or lack of judgement.

The importance of mindset, the ability and willingness to perform on demand vs. on command, cannot be overstated.


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