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The Duo on Fighting Near the Blue Nile


“What do people in the West think about Blue Nile?” one general asked me. “Do they think we’re winning? Do they think we’re in the right?”

"No," I said, "no one in the West ever thinks anything about Blue Nile at all." Arias Roussinos


It should be no surprise that some regions of the world are ignored or unknown to the press. No matter  how desperate their plight, barbarous their practices or inspiring their valor, the attention of any form of mainstream US media is capricious. It also has a short attention span.

The Blue Nile state of the Sudan is one of those places. The Mad Duo just took a look at one journo's visit to the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLA-N) in one of the most remote places on earth - Blue Nile. Regardless of your opinion on what's going on, it's an interesting look at a difficult type of warfare under miserable conditions.

Watch the video on Breach-Bang-Clear.

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