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Dark Angel Medical: GSW Pop Quiz


This quiz is posed by Dark Angel Medical. They asked the first three questions: I added question four.

You and your family are finishing up out on the range and you're next to a couple of guys, one giving the other some instruction. You clear your weapons, get your kids off-line and start walking towards your vehicle, you hear a muffled 'pop' and a yell of pain. You turn and see the 'instructor' holding his left thigh and bright, red blood pulsing out at an alarming rate and quantity. Three questions: (serious answers only please) 1) What type of vessel has been hit? 2) What do you do? 3) With this type of injury, how much blood can the average adult lose within the first minute post-injury? 4) What do you have with you in your range kit or vehicle to handle such emergencies, and is it sufficient? GO.

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