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D3: Devil Dog Designs Rattler


Quick suggestion for you this morning. Go check out D3, Devil Dog Designs. It's the name custom (as in handmade) knife manufacturer Brian Cornett goes by.  This is his "Rattler", 1095 Chisel ground blade, brown burlap micarta handle with stainless pins and thong tube. It has desert camouflage 550 cord on the end with a mix of matte black and glow-in-the-dark beads.

Be advised he doesn't set up any prices on his Facebook page, though he is in the process of setting up basic pricing on a blog/website. If you see something you like in the meantime, contact him via Facebook or via e-mail, devildogdesigns (at) He also does commission work off of a design you may already have.

Each knife is unique and a percentage of all sales goes to Wounded Warriors Project and Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas. Brian says, "Also, so you know, a percentage of every sale be it $50 or $500 is given to Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas. Being a former Marine and on the streets at one point in my life, it's my way of giving back to those who more than deserve it.....Semper Fi and Blessings."

The Rattler is very nice indeed, but if you watch his Facebook page you'll see much more truly awesome stuff made by a real craftsman: (Check out the kiridashis.)


In addition to his knives, you might also be interested in this project, which hopefully he will start back up again:



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