"Console Bunker" Rolling Armory


Heracles Research Corporation, whose previous offerings for secure firearms storage included various styles Bed Bunkers, has made the "Console Bunker" available. ConsoleBunker, which fits between the seats of a vehicle, is made of aluminum, works along with the vehicle's factory door locks and features a timing mechanism "to prevent unauthorized access". It will hold a variety of long guns (and of course pistols) with additional space available for high value necessaries (they list a 'large first aide [sic] kit and a fire extinguisher'). The lid is non-slip and can be accessed while the vehicle is moving.

Current orders include "free shipping and no sales tax", which given the $2,400.00 price tag and presumed weight can't be a bad thing.

Few other details are available at the moment. We have notified the manufacturer that we're running this story and hope to either hear back or see them post in response to comments or questions (or both). We'll advise any additional information we receive on what vehicle models it will fit, fire resistance, weight of the unit, installation procedures, etc. when we receive it.

Another recent feature of Heracles is their "Couch Bunker; no pictures of the actual safe portion of the couch bunker are available on the website, but it's described as available in "..in three different styles and numerous fabrics and leather using the finest grade of materials available...normal retail on the couch..is in excess of $10,00 without the safe.." The safe portion includes a 2 hour fire wall and weighs 650 pounds.


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