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Boots on the ground: what's your preference?


Like many of you reading this, I've worn a number of different boot styles. Unlike you, I never had to hump/tab/ruck for days on end in them, but spending 10-12 hours a day teaching Marines half your age (and in significantly better shape) than you all over those hills by Horno will quickly help you figure out if you've made a poor choice. Bottom line as I see it, boots are like bullets, beer and LBE. Everyone has their own favorite breed, caliber, manufacturer, etc. I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say.

My favorites for a long time were the Adidas GSG9 "Classic Tactical" when we were running the MOUT course years ago (and for the admittedly few years I was working with a tactical unit for the Drug Task Force). They were incredibly comfortable and rugged and I never had any complaints. Unfortunately, their tread pattern was so unique I had to stop wearing them past the first day of any tracking course or the students wouldn't learn anything. They were too easy to distinguish and follow. I recently finished a long period wearing the Nike Special Field Boot and will be relaying my opinion on them soon. When it comes to hiking I don't typically have the opportunity to do anything truly challenging. Ten miles in the Cookson Hills certainly isn't the equivalent of trying to hit the all the 14s near Rocky Mountain National Park, and it's damn sure not the same as clambering all over the broken landscape of some valley in Afghanistan while assholes shoot at me.

The next boots I'll be reviewing are the Zephyrs from Lowa. I've heard really good things about them and I'm looking forward to seeing how they perform.

What boots do YOU prefer, and why? Any boots you'd tell someone to stay the hell away from? Comment below if you have a few minutes to spare (and feel free to give me some input on what you'd like to see in a review).

Zephyr desert boots will be my next boot review, and I'm looking forward to it.

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