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Self-Aid in the Tree Stand (or the Boat)...Are You Prepared?


Yesterday Lone Star Medics shared a picture from the Sniper Company Facebook page with an interesting caption. It's hunting season in, with more coming. They ask, "You're in your blind 16 feet up, with no cell coverage. Your hunting buddy is 80 yards away over the next hill with the only vehicle and this happens. What is your plan of action here? Do you honestly have the equipment in the blind with you to deal with it?"

It's as valid a question as, "You go to the range with a friend and..."and many others. Urban unrest, power-goes-out-around-the-world zombiepocalypse aside, how are you prepared if  you are prepared.

What do you carry, if anything, and where?

Not sure where this one came from, but same question. Before this poor guy went spear-fishing, do you suppose it occurred to him to either have his own IFAK or check to see if one was available?

What do you carry, if anything, and where?


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