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Training on Tuesday: Mossie Tactics


Just as an FYI, Mossie Tactics has added a new AR15 Armorer Course. They are now working with Mr. Will Larson to offer a "world class armorer course". Mossie Tactics currently has three class scheduled; one each in Ohio, Texas and Georgia. They will ad classes in California and Nevada soon. They advise "...if you want to develop the skills necessary to wrench your own rifle or perform PMCS on an armory full of AR15 weapon systems, this is the class for you."

"At the conclusion of the course all students should be able to assemble a fully functional weapon from parts. In addition they should be able to recognize common malfunctions and be able to troubleshoot issues that are frequently encountered. The course will conclude with all students taking a written exam as well as hands on exam which will include the complete disassembly and reassembly of the weapon, followed by a functions test."

Additional information on the class can be found at

Mossie Tactics offers more than just training. They are probably best known here on Kit Up! for the innovative kit they manufacture, including the MT2400FSB, an outstanding 12 o'clock light mount solution for the AR

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