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Tomahawks and Speed Scabbards from Hardcore Hardware Australia


Hardcore Hardware Australia will be supplying their LFT01 and BFT series with 2 deployment systems, a full Cordura nylon sheath and a Kydex speed scabbard. What you see below is the bottom-eject speed scabbard that will be released soon for the BFT series. It can be MOLLE mounted and has TekLoc belt carry options. HHA advises the scabbard will be incorporated into purchases at no additional cost. They have announced that anyone who purchases (or has purchases) either model of BFT since 01 SEP 12 will receive a complimentary speed scabbard as soon as they are available.

Kit Up! A MultiCam camo 'hawk in the new speed scabbard from Hardcore Hardware Australia.

This is the MOLLE compatible version of the LFT01 speed scabbard, also available now with the TecLok belt option, followed by a closeup of the actual MOLLE attachment system of the same Kydex speed scabbard.

Kit Up! HHA Tomahawk in speed scabbard with MOLLE mounts.

Kit Up! Close-up of the MOLLE hardware on HHA's 'hawk speed scabbard.

If you're unfamiliar with the Hardcore Hardware Australia's tomahawk line, they have three. Two in the BFT series (BFT01 and BFT02, the latter of which is newer) and the LFT01, which is approximately 1/3 smaller in size.

They're designed for a number of uses, obviously - hopefully you'll have more cause for chopping, chiseling (it has a tool edge for that), cutting and prying than for it's impact/CQB potential. There's a spike on the BFT02 that would go through and old style bascinet, which would be fun to use.

All the HHA tomahawks are made of D2 tool steel coated with black teflon and have a variety of colors available for the handle. On the LFT01 and BFT02, the G10 contoured handle grips are secured with Torx screw all-steel fittings. The BFT01's G10 contoured handle is wrapped in para-cord (available in a choice of colors) that has been coated with a proprietary acrylic solution to hold it firmly in place and maintain the grip without eliminating the possibility of use in a survival situation.

Hardcore Hardware Australia's website is

I don't own a tomahawk of any kind yet, though as you're no doubt aware they've become increasingly popular and several reputable places are manufacturing them. Mostly I don't own one because I can't think of a reasonable explanation to give Household-6. If I slip the cash to one of the guys and have him buy one for me, though, I'll give you some more feedback.


That's it for now. Go forth and conquer.

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