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The "Hellbreaker" AR


A designer named John Sharps had an Indiegogo project set up to complete CNC programming and tooling for a new AR15 lower called the Hellbreaker. He completed the original design and rapid prototypes (see below) but was asking for financial assistance to press forward. Unfortunately the Indiegogo page he'd set up is now gone. I don't know if that means he reached his goal or if he canceled the project.

The idea of the Hellbreaker was to make  CNC 7075-T6 aluminum, hard coat anodized lower receiver with a magazine well and trigger guard configuration reminiscent of a bird of prey (like the nose are of WWII P40s and some modern A10s).  My understanding is that any standard trigger kit and magazine would have worked in the Hellbreaker (though now we may never know).

Actual specs:

  • · 7075-T6 aluminum (billet)
  • · Hard cost anodized finished per MIL-A-8625
  • · Integral trigger guard
  • · Beveled magazine well
  • · Caliber mark: ‘MULTI’
  • · Compatible with standard issue magazines and PMAG’s
  • · Imported from Oregon
This was the Indiegogo page: If it does become reality, we can all carry a weapon that looks like something from a Dan Abnett novel. (Hopefully) more to follow. That is all. Go forth and conquer.

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