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TAD Gear SOLAS Loot Is Back

Triple Aught Design is releasing some new SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) reflective loot for those of you who 1) need such things and 2) like TAD Gear. The new SOLAS kit features the signature TAD icon "Mean T-Skull", as a reflective patch or sticker/decal. Both are available in OD Green, black, tan (it's more of a wood brown, seems like) and gray. They're 3" in diameter.

TAD Gear's Mean-T patch

The Mean-T SOLAS patch is meant to me a survival or recognition feature and is made of SOLAS tape (3M Scotchlite Reflective Material to be exact), backed with hook-and-loop. The decal is to be used for the same purpose and is made of the same material.

TAD Gear's Mean-T SOLAS Patch

Might not be as traditional (or inexpensive) as the good ole' 'cat's eyes' we used to wear on our patrol caps (and probably not something you want to wear to a 2-way range) but for haute tactical couture you can hardly do better.




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