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SOG's BLT-50N: Folder w/ Light


The SOG BLT-50N is the new folder in SOG's Blade Light series (the first knife was the fixed blade BLT-10K). It has 6 LEDs, 3 on either side of the blade, providing approximately 35 lumens of illumination. It's designed to be opened with one hand, with the light activated by a button on the back - I haven't had my hands on one, so I don't know how likely it is to have an accidental/negligent light activation (which obviously would be of less concern to a backpacker than someone overseas in the field). The advantages to a light provided on a tool like this are obvious, though it hasn't been out long enough to really establish a reputation one way or the other for durability. It takes 2 x AA batteries, providing a run time for the light of a little more than 4 hours. It is manufactured in China and retails for $85.



For more on the SOG Blade Light Folder, check out:

Personally I want them to put something in so it'll make a noise like a light saber, but I'm betting they won't.

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