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MDM: New Compact LSAT LMG


This is the standard version of AAI Corp.'s Lightweight Small Arms Technology LMG. The latest version features a much shorter barrel and folding stock.

AAI Corp., displayed the latest version of its Lightweight Small Arms Technology at Modern Day Marine 2012. Program officials cut four inches off LSAT's 16.5 inch barrel and added a folding, telescoping stock.

The Army program is intended to cut the weight of its light machine gun by as much as 50 percent. The weapon itself weighs about nine pounds compared to a 17-pound M249 squad automatic weapon.

LSAT’s cased-telescoped 5.56mm ammunition that relies on a plastic case rather than a brass one to hold the propellant and the projectile, like a conventional shotgun shell. It weighs about 37 percent less than standard belted 5.56mm.

The Army continues to show interest in the program, but it will be interesting if weapons officials can convince the top brass to move away from traditional brass-cased ammunition.

Here's a video showing AAI officials showing off the new version of LSAT.


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