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Gilliland Joins the A-TACS Team


James Gilliland has joined the Advanced Tactical Concealment System (A-TACS) team. As of 12 SEP 12, Jim will be working with A-TACS in Marketing, Sales, Promotions and Product Placement. Jim's been an enthusiastic proponent of the pattern for a couple of years now and genuinely believes it's the most versatile and concealment-effective pattern on the market today. (I can vouch for how much he likes it; we've talked about camouflage patterns at length and he genuinely loves the A-TACS stuff.)

Jim advised me, "I had the great pleasure of meeting Steve and Phillip, the owners of A-TACS, several months ago. They are good guys, and there is some awesome design work and research in A-TACS...there are just a couple really effective commercially available camouflage patterns out there right now. One of them you pay through the nose for. The other is A-TACS."

For those of you who don't know him, Jim has been in the Army for a little over 16 years now. He entered service as a mortarman, went to Ranger School, changed MOS to 11B and served in 3/75 Ranger Battalion. He's done two tours in Afghanistan and two in Iraq. He led a sniper squad in 3RD ID during one deployment (he is an accomplished, record-holding sniper) and later Camp Delanaca, where he taught at the mountain phase of Ranger School. He continues to serve in the Army, runs Shadow-6 Consulting, is involved with American Snipers, is a host on Trigger Time TV and helped produce a 'long gun basics' DVD with Pantaeo.

"If anyone has any questions about any of the products currently available in the A-TACS pattern - or if you make equipment and you'd like to talk about utilizing A-TACS - please don't hesitate to contact me, Jim (at) Hope to help hide you soon."

An example of ATACS-FG on HSGI Pouches.

You might be patient when you contact him, by the way. He's doing this part-time, when he's not occupied with his full time military duties, so give him a chance to respond.

Another ATACS-FG. These are "Stealth Operator Packs" from Grey Ghost Gear.

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