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EDC: The Leatherman/PTX 'Pirahna' Pocket Tool


PocketToolX became part of the Leatherman Tool Group back in June, adding a great line of small EDC tools to Leatherman’s multi-tools and LED Lenser flashlights. They started out with three designs, the Piranha (a pocket tool), Brewzer (a keychain tool) and Mako Ti (a bike tool). We’ll talk about the Piranha today.

The Pirahna is billed as 5 tools in one; an open wrench, a ¼” hex bit driver, bottle opener, scraper and box wrench. The open wrench is English, the box wrench metric. There are several points along the tool you could use to tighten screws even if you somehow manage to lose the bit it comes with (a USA-made doubled ended Phillips/flathead coated in rust-resistant black oxide). As the diagram below shows, it has a number of other possible uses.

It’s built of 154-CM surgical stainless steel with a neoprene bit holder in the center (the latter will secure full size bits) and apparently it’s TSA-compliant. This latter bit doesn’t reassure me too terribly much, given what I’ve seen TSA do on occasion, but it’s a nice touch.

The Pirahna is less than 4” long and weighs less than 2 oz., making it well suited in my mind ‘concealed’ and convenient every day carry

All of the PTX tools are now covered under the Leatherman brand’s 25-year warranty, though I don’t know yet if tools purchased prior to June receive any protection. I’ll advise.

Full details including Users's Guide are on line at

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