The Costa Ludus Leg Rig (More Coming)


As you may have already heard, the Costa Ludus leg rig went on sale earlier today and sold out within about an hour. Though this is partly because there were only 100 made in the initial run, there's no doubt as to its functionality - or the demand for it.This demand, not surprisingly, began with Costa's former students. The easy thing detractors will say is that the hype is all due to the 'fan boy' factor - and this may be somewhat true. HOWEVER. Anyone slapping that sort of label on it is obviously not reckoning with its ergonomic design, simplicity of use and excellent construction. From what I've seen, Costa Ludus students (including the civilians) are squared away and easily proficient enough to notice the advantages of a piece of kit and to decide if it suits their needs.

In short, don't be quick to dismiss its popularity as the product of cult of personality. This is a great piece of gear, and I think many shooters that might not prefer subloads will find that this padded single-strap configuration to be very comfortable and practical enough for 'On The Job' use.

Understand going into this that it was never intended to be a solve-all, nor is was it necessarily intended to be a part of a full-combat use "jocked up" mentality. It was at least initially seen as a great way to address limited need use and, frankly, as a perfect solution for students taking Costa Ludus and other shooting classes.The rig is built for Costa (the only distributor) by High Speed Gear Inc.

Gene Higdon, who built the prototypes and then the production run, advises, "People taking classes only need a couple of mags on in the gun, two in the belt, maybe a shooter's bag on the line or dropped behind the shooing points. Then you go work on the drills. You don't always have to be all kitted up, and loaded for bear ever class. This is literally the rig a person can use to run a class with just a belt and a holster, if they don't mind a subload...if you like it, run it. It's a minimalist rig for a 3-gun, an easy range day, a class, or maybe a specialty use in the field for specific conditions. "

The Costa Ludus leg rig has two double-decker tacos with a pistol taco in the center, meaning that with the exception of a Saiga 12-gauge magazine or a 60-round Surefire magazine, you can carry two magazines for just about any rifle you carry and three pistol mags for your secondary (or two pistol mags and a Multitasker or whatever). Note that on this leg rig the TACOs are threaded together and can't be used in another configuration. The subload is padded, made of 1000 denier and weighs in about one pound. By all accounts its extremely comfortable.

Costa advises, "I was really surprised. We only ran about a hundred of them in multi-cam initially, didn't know for sure how they would go...then they sold out in like an hour and I felt bad...some of the guys on the west coast are pissed because they didn't even get a chance at one."

Asked if they were going to manufacture any more, he advised that he hoped to run more within two weeks, if not sooner, but the actual production schedule would "....depend on Gene's [Gene Higdon of HSGI] available time..."

For those who are wondering, they will be doing small batches of at least black, FDE and OD in the future.

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