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Battleware's Sierra Armor (and L'il Bulldog)


This is the Sierra Tactical Vest (modeled here by Felice Herrig), a new modular armor system from Battleware. It's NIJ 0101.06 IIIA utilizing a SPEAR/BALCS armor design. It's built including technologies from First Spear, and uses an adjustable design that allows for "...continued comfort in any operational conditions."

The Sierra features the 6/12 pocket attachment system from First-Spear as well as their TUBES Side Closer. The 6/12 Pocket Attachment System [see below] uses laser cut attachment points with hook and loop backing and is fully compatible with modular MOLLE-backed kit. At 7 lbs in size 'Large' the Sierra is lighter than most full coverage tactical vests and is compatible with DAPS (Deltoid Axillary Protection System) deltoid arm guards, drop down groin shield, shoulder pieces and rifle plate inserts (front, back and side).

Li'l Bulldog and Battleware's new Siera Armor.

Li'l Bulldog and Battleware's new Siera Armor.

Note: The TUBES side closure system is made to make the armor easier to don/doff than the traditional closure systems requiring cummerbunds with hook & loop fasteners (and frequently involve a cable). First Spear describes it as follows:

"[The traditional method] adds weight and bulk; is noisy and wears out quickly; and retains water, mud and snow. From a safety standpoint the hook and loop closure flap allows for cummerbund protection accessories like side plates and inflatable floatation to shift position and misalign from where they should be to provide maximum performance. The common release mechanisms found in most releasable vests typically utilize a variety of cables, routed through a complex maze of channels that when assembled correctly, are clumsy, heavy, awkward and difficult to reassemble. When assembled incorrectly, the results can be catastrophic."


The Battleware Vest, picture courtesy of

Full specs here.



FirstSpear™ 6/12™ Pocket Attachment System (from their website)


• Up to 50% reduction in weight & significantly less bulk • Backward compatible with standard MOLLE/PALS • Forward compatible with FirstSpear’s™ ultra-lightweight 6/12™ pockets • Enhanced cable management

Weight! There are several philosophies on dealing with weight as it applies to load carriage. Some development has occurred in lightweight materials, but these tend to sacrifice performance. Other developments have taken place in “load transfer” by shifting weight around, but they reduce flexibility while increasing heat retention, bulk and even overall load. FirstSpear™ has taken a different approach. We listened to the Users and decided to eliminate the weight and sacrifice nothing. In the design assessment of current pouch attachment systems, FirstSpear™ recognized that the major weight parasite on both the platforms and the attaching pockets is the yards of bulk nylon, snaps and polymer stiffener. The FirstSpear™ 6/12™ technology eliminates these components and achieves a 20%-40% reduction in weight per standard Assaulter configuration when compared to current pocket attachment systems. The FirstSpear™ team invested more than a year developing and testing the FirstSpear™ 6/12™ Pocket Attachment System. It utilizes state of the art fabric technologies to deliver a completely modular system, compatible with standard MOLLE pockets. From adhesive heat-set backing to laser cut precision attachment points, the 6/12™ system is a completely new, design-engineered solution that meets the need for modular, lightweight load-carriage platforms and pockets. Additionally, 6/12™ provides greater fabric flexibility on unarmored platforms and tighter mounting of pockets to create a cleaner silhouette that aides in enhanced signature management and mobility. The 6/12™ platform face is completely slick when pockets are removed and allows for easy management of communications cables and wires.

Don’t transfer the weight, get rid of it.

Patent Pending

For more about Pro MMA Fighter Felice "Li'l Bulldog" Felice Herrig, check out her fanpage.


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