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UTM/Phoenix will conduct training at the HALO Summit


UTM munitions in use at Ft. Bliss.

Less Lethal Scenario Training from UTM/Phoenix

(a guest post by Brian Montgomery of the BOLO Report)

It looks like one of the training events at the upcoming HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit (Oct. 29 – Nov. 2) will consist of force-on-force CQB scenarios hosted by UTM/Phoenix. UTM/Phoenix will provide weapon conversion kits, less-lethal training ammunition, training props, OCs (Observer Controllers) and other necessities for a series of reality based training scenarios for military and LE Summit attendees.

HALO advises this portion of the Summit will consist of three training stations:

 ·         The active threats and tactical transitions station will include situational scenarios that transition between various active threats (Active Shooter, Homicide Bomber, Hostage and Barricaded Subject).  Participants will have the opportunity to rotate through the station several times to maximize training benefits.

·         The use of force/protocol application station has environments consisting of rooms, hallways, opposing doors, offset angles and more -- arranged with targets and role players.  Participants will need to make split-second decisions while applying tactics on shoot and no shoot responses.

·         The gun battle station will be a competition-style setting – training participants to use all of their skills and apply them to stressful situations. Skills tested will range from accuracy, re-loads, cover management, cornering, stress management and more.

Another shot of UTM at Ft. Bliss


They'll also be providing a 30m static range and a demo booth, with a four hour UTM certification course each day for those who need it (or whose agencies require it).

If you're not already familiar with the HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit, you should check it out. It's one of the largest (if not the largest) multi-jurisdictional CT training event of its kind. It will be occupying a small private island near San Diego for five days of homeland security related tactical training scenarios, live action demos and classroom education. The island is Paradise Point Resort Island, which provides 44 acres of training space, including an urban area and marina.

Check out the HALO CT Summit on line ( We'll be bringing you more info on training iterations and equipment as it becomes available.

UTM-A1: UTM non-lethal training ammunition (Silent Blank Round, Battlefield Blank Round and Man Marker Round).


UTM conversion and training ammunition: UTM’s non-lethal training ammunition system (bolt conversion and NLTA)



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