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Unusual (but thorough) review of the 5.11 TPT R5


I may not be a full fledged gear queer (or whatever the PC term is these days) but I do like flashlights. I've got several different kinds scattered through the house, mounted to my weapons and bouncing around the car (plus one in the old man's truck). My current EDC lights are the ATAC L1 from 5.11 and a Streamlight Microstream. I have two not because I carry both at the same time, but because I usually can't find one or the other - on those occasions when I can keep track of everything, the L1 is in my pocket and the Microstream would be tucked down in my (soft) vest.

I've been trying to decide what sort of duty style light I want to go to (my old Surefire finally died a grisly death) and in the course of doing the research I came across this video from Funker Tactical Review. It's not your typical evaluation (in fact it's pretty unorthodox), but it seemed like something you might like. It certainly speaks to the durability of 5.11's TPT R5. I may check one out.




and, Part II, where the light finally meets an untimely end.




They're pretty thorough eh? Plus I like the way they talk.


That's all for now. Go forth and conquer.


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