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Training on Tuesday: the HALO CT Summit


We've posted a couple pieces in the past about the upcoming HALO Counter Terrorism summit. Here are Ken Good of Progressive Combat Solutions and Rob Anderson (US Palm, great kit) on the news in San Diego talking about.


Note: the embed is a little wonky and is only working part of the time. If it won't play for you, this is the direct link:

Another part of what the HALO CT Summit will be offering is the ability to be a part of "...immersive training not normally available at other locations.  HALO has partnered with Strategic Operations Inc. to create a realistic tactical training environment on the island utilizing 'Hollywood magic.'  Located on the lot of Stu Segall Productions, a full-service TV/movie studio, Strategic Operations has provided 'Hyper-RealisticTM' training support to more than 600,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guard personnel prior to combat deployment..."

I've never personally trained with Strategic Operations, but they have some ambitious plans for the Summit. One of their primary goals will be to build multiple scenarios on Paradise Point Resort Island (say that five times as fast as you can) to train attendees in CT, disaster response and other  multi-spectrum training topics. They're going to construct an entire Middle Eastern style village on site complete with props, special effects, combat wound effects, medical simulation systems, OCs (Observer Controllers) and what they're calling professional role players (note: I'm not sure exactly what the definition of the latter is, but hopefully they will be these guys, i.e. scenario participants that understand their role as a training tool and have sufficient background to add to the hot-wash or better yet the formal AR).

While attending personnel will be invited to participate in the exercises, there will also be hands-off 'no-play' observation areas that allow non-participants to view the scenarios live or, where impractical or in where close quarters aren't feasible, to monitor them via large monitors at other neutral locations in the venue.

According to HALO, additional immersive training courses will include:

·         Close Quarters Combat (instructor is Tony Blauer of Blauer Tactical) - Close Quarters Combat is a CQB specific program that includes personal close quarter skills, S.P.E.A.R. basics, standup grappling, ground fighting, weapon control, weapon takeaways, and tandem combative strategies.


·         Extreme Close Quarters Conditioning (ECQC) Operator Course (instructor is Wes Doss of Khyber Interactive Associates) – ECQC is a reflexive training system created to help contemporary warriors move, act and respond with fluid precision regardless of the situation or tools at hand.

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