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Sunday Funny: The Ultimate Mall Ninja Rifle











The only thing this rifle lacks are a rotating rifle rail, a pic-rail tomahawk to put on that rail and a some Steel Flame swag. Once that's equipped it should undergo some serious field testing by Ho-Tac and an evaluation by Military Morons (possibly using phallic ammunition), followed at last by some tactical journalism by the Mad Duo to put it in Recoil Magazine. (If you really want to soup it up, put an Effin-A on it, stacked with the can of your choice and a Suppressor Sock over that: alternately you could just throw a BattleComp on there an call it good).

That's all the name-dropping and additional links for guys feel free to suggest sling, magazines or other accessories I'm missing,


EDIT: For that small portion of the reading audience who apparently don't Get It, Kit Up realizes this is satire and appreciates the efforts of the men in video to entertain us - which is why, not coincidentally, it appears here on Kit Up. In fact, one might say that is exactly why it's here on Kit Up. This is the link to their channel in its entirety, lest you miss it:



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