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Review of the Gerber Shard OMPT


A guest review for The Survivalist Blog about the Gerber Shard "One Piece Multi Tool" (OMPT). The author, a regular on The author advises he has been carrying his OPMT for several months now and has "really enjoyed owning it....I've had fancier OPMTs in the past, but thonestly this $5 beater does everything I need it to..."









"Of course a good EDC is no substitute for a full-on get home bag, but it is more than 99% of the population carries, and has got me out of a number of jams. That is a compromise urban and suburban preppers often have to take. As a “mild-mannered”suburbanite stuff like cargo pants, MOLLE gear, and utility belts are usually out of the question (at least during working hours). For this reason I find it extremely important to find highly functional gear that is lightweight and compact; easily stowed and inconspicuous.

That is why I really like a OPMT. It is light, flat, simple and functional. The kind of thing that blends in with a set of keys but can pay big dividends in critical as well as every day situations..."

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