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Pic rail tomahawk to replace bayonet


Courtesy of The Duffel Blog and it's outstandingly caustic and satirical 'journos'.

US forces haven't conducted a bayonet charge in quite some time, and that might be because the M9 and OKC-3S aren't sufficient for the task - as a result, the DoD has finally upgraded the oldest weapon remaining in our inventory.

That's correct: DOD has announced the (initially) limited deployment of the IMPBTB (Inverted Multi-Purpose Ballistic Tomahawk Bayonet). The initial IMPBTB issue will go to SOF units (as might be expected) but long-term is expected to be issued out to every rifle in the inventory (at least those with a Pic rail, the MIL-STD-1913 rail or even the STANAG 2324 rail).

“The IMBTB is a combination of military hardware in one sleek and deadly package. It was designed to fit nearly all of a soldier’s combat needs while remaining somewhat unobtrusive and tactical,” said Major General John Manning of Army Research, Development and Engineering Command..."

The bayonet is finally on its way out. Weapon mounted 'hawks are on their way in.

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