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HTM Sharkskin Gunhammer


HTM Knives has a new Gunhammer that will be appearing on their website it in the near future. Consider this advance notice in the event you want your first.  The Sharkskin Gunhammer, which is made in the USA, will have a Sharkskin grey handle and a blade of S35vn steel. The coating on the handle is Class III, the hardest hard coat you can buy (it has chromium in it) and a titanium lock. Note that appearance wise you won’t be able to tell the difference between a manual opener and an assist from looking at it.

An early look at the HTM Knives Sharkskin Gunhammer

More significantly, the Gunhammer (previously covered in Kit Up) will open with the Maxx Glide Pivot Bearing System. The Maxx Glide is a bearing system that goes into the pivot, so once you get past the detent system that holds the blade (which rides on hardened steel races) you get a smooth, seemingly effortless action. Essentially it feels like an assisted opener.

“If you take a bicycle, take the chain off and then spin the pedals,” Mr. Ralph says of the way it opens as you get past the detent, “and they just spin…that’s the best analogy that I can think of, at least that makes sense to me.”

I would have to agree with him. I can say from personal experience that it does indeed open like butter.

If you want an HTM Knives Sharkskin Gunhammer right now you’ll have to contact them directly. You can do so via e-mail,, call 740-695-9970 or go to the contact page. (You might also watch Darrel Ralph Designs for DDR’s custom knife work.)

For more information on HTM Knives and Darrel Ralph Designs custom knives, sign up for alerts on the HTM blog or DDR blog pages. You can of course also watch the Darrel Ralph Designs Facebook page, the HTM Knives Facebook page, or look at:

Blade Forums

Blade HQ

Knife Center

Also, if you’re interested, Mr. Ralph will be on Tactical Knife TV in mid-October, probably the 16TH. They’ll be doing Darrel Ralph and HTM Products.

That’s it for now. Go forth and conquer.

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