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The Geigerig Hydration System and Geigerig Guardian


The Geigerig hydration system caught my eye when I walked by their display and saw a guy literally standing on top of a hydration bladder. I went over to talk to them and the man you're about to see in the video explained the system to me. (He was a former Marine infantry officer, by the way.) This system is ingenious, intuitive and effective. As you might have gathered, I was impressed.

Essentially, the Geigerig system allows you to do more with the water in your hydration bladder than just drink it. It allows you to refill from previously questionable locations in the field (for those pesky moments when a water buff isn't handy) and it will certainly make busting the actual bladder far less likely.

Gear evolution in the tactical industry typically happens in small increments. This is definitely a much larger step than usual. It might not be as sexy as the newest bullet or rifle, but I think this system offers sufficient advantage to qualify as a force multiplier.


Here's the protective shell, the Geigerig Guardian, explained a few minutes later:



The Geigerig system has won a number of awards since its inception, most recently  Gumption Gear's 'Best in Show' at Outdoor Retailer this year, an honor I think it deserved.

After we shot these videos he stepped up on a bladder and bounced up and down on it in his boots - not with the Guardian protecting it, just the bladder. They're definitely tough.

Note: the specifics of what the filter will handle in big-brain speak are on the website. It's perfect for a man in the field or on the trail, but probably not rated for TCN shit ters.

Geigerig hydration packs:

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