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The RE Factor Kydex Operator Holster


via BOLO Report

"I’ve been wearing the kydex operator holster for a couple of weeks now. At first, I admit I was skeptical primarily because there are soooo many new Kydex gizmos and “high speed” contraptions being made of it, by everyone from true craftsmen to guys with the right tools in their garage (which is occasionally the best kind).

It rode high, close to the body and was barely noticeable as an off-duty/plain clothes accessory.  I wore it off-duty under a t-shirt and never worried about printing (it took a little effort to actually get to print for a picture, though in fairness that’s going to also depend on your choice of clothing and your body style–you’re going to see a full size Glock on the hip of a garden gnome in a spandex shirt, regardless of the holster). ..."

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