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Darkfin Gloves and Darkfin Black O.P.S.


For those of us who can't swim like Arthur Curry or Mark Harris there are Darkfin Gloves. Originally designed for watersports (swimming, diving, surfing), Darkfins are latex webbed gloves that increase the surface area of your hand by 70%. They feature a cotton flock surface for grip and the obvious webbed finger design to increase resistance for swimming. The potential advantage they might provide to personnel swimming to a target are obvious.



Here's a video they made a couple years back; it's a bit long but does a good job of showing off the glove's features:


As you can see from pictures and video you can use tools and hold a knife while you're wearing the gloves; although the description of the Black O.P.S. gloves says they're suitable for handling firearms, I don't know if you can accurately shoot in them, or perform a magazine change efficiently, which to my mind is the biggest question about these gloves when it comes to tactical/operational use. I've contacted Darkfin asking for more information regarding "tactical" use. What I'd really like to do is wear a pair on the range (or have another reviewer wear a pair on the range). If we can make that happen I'll let you know.

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