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Clips & Hips: 2013 Calendar


There are several different tactical calendars out there nowadays. Some feature women who can really shoot, others are attractive women who are acting like they can shoot. All of them (so far) seem pretty easy on the eyes.

Clips and hips: the 2013 is brought to you by a group that has a SOF background in it: more on that when we know for sure it's okay to give you details.

The Clips and Hips calendar for 2013 is a little different: it will feature 12 months that are each representative of a different US military career field, i.e. each model's page is an MOS, AFSC, etc. The guys behind the calendar (they have a veteran background; we're not sure yet if the specifics are to be made public) wanted to portray attractive women in a tactical setting without falling back on the tired old 'hot chick in a bikini with a gun' trope.

Kit Up! Sample pages from the Clips and Hips 2013 calendar.

Per their web description, they set out to "...produce themes that honor the various combat related fields of special operators in US armed forces. The models include: Ashlee Carpentier, Kimber Lee, Mallory Clark, Aileen Antoinette, Chelsea Cooper, Jerrica Faye, Bianca Burgess, Nancy Cowels, Shawnda Kendrick, Brittany Blake, Britt Crowel, Heather Lynn, Sarah Lanning [and] Shirley Sully..."

Looks pretty good so far; we'll let you know when goes on sale.

Kit Up! Clips and Hips. It is important to know what's going on each month. Very important.

Check them out on Facebook and take a look at their 'behind the scenes'.


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