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Chronicle Your Life's Worst Accomplishments: Demerit Wear

Badges, tabs and awards for excellence or a particular accomplishment can be a Good Thing, if it isn't overdone. There are a few funny tabs out there (I've always been partial to MSM's Regular Guy tab myself) but the selection is pretty limited for much beyond that. So what do you get the kid who blows his whole paycheck at a strip club, or the junior NCO who sets new records for projectile vomiting after running PT on a belly of beer and Waffle House grease?

You get him something from Demerit Wear.


Some of them you may want to define yourself, or may your own determination what it should be awarded for - like, a special project patch for NCOs to award to a boot, or Wiped Butt With Poison Ivy instead of just plain old Poison Ivy.

FYI, most of them are 'family-friendly'. You could easily find some for your school-aged minions. I'm just highlighting the ones I find most amusing.


You can sew 'em on or apply 'em with the adhesive on the back. New ones come out all time, so keep an eye out.

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