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An advanced look at page 14 from Tilt Shift.

According to the information provided by their on line presence, Tilt Shift is written by SOF veterans. It portrays the operational experience of Specialist Freddie Blythe and Team Galahad in Afghanistan, singling out the role of a combat photographer to provide a story telling medium and give a “…guided tour of the modern battlefield though the eys of a soldier tasked with documenting and cataloging the actions of…elite soldiers…” It’s listed on Kickstarter now, hoping to secure financing for a 12-issue run (possibly to be collected into two trade paperbacks).

(Note: Tilt-Shift is a type of photographic lens that provides selective focus. It can make photographed objects look miniature against a large landscape, or highlight an individual in a crowd for dramatic effect – it would seem the symbolism lies on several levels.)

The art for Tilt Shift is provided by Josh Hood. The point man for the vaguely identified writing team is apparently Jose Torres-Cooban, a comic writer turned Army Combat Cameraman who served in Afghanistan.

To learn more, check out their Facebook page, or go to the official Tilt Shift Kickstarter page,




From the Tilt Shift Facebook page:

“There is a story in Steinbeck's The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights where Lancelot is offered magical gifts in exchange for betraying his king. He refuses the witches, telling them that magic is cheap and easy and no victory can be won without hard work and true bravery.

We are telling the story, not of radioactive aliens or mutants of any kind, but about men who run 15 miles a week and spend every spare moment in a gym, on a range or in a classroom preparing to fight for their country. When they go out, it is fully aware that they may not come back.

I have nothing against other depictions of heroes [sic], in fact I spent most of my life wanting to make up stories about them. But now that I've stood on that distant shore and climbed that mountain; now that I have seen men run to the fire regardless of the perils that awaited them, I cannot responsibly write anything else.

Thank you for letting us know that there are people who want to read these stories. Thank you for bringing us one step closer to getting our story out there…”

Kit Up! appreciates the tip about Tilt Shift from Powerpoint Ranger.

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