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A big multitool for rescue and tactical gardening

Tamir Niv, a student at the Bezalel Academy, has developed a new engineer/rescue multi-tool prototype (large multi-tool, not the kind you wear on your belt or fix your weapon with) that looks to have great potential. The prototype show potential as a pry/crow bar, sledge hammer, hook, wire cutter, etc. depending upon how the head is angled and oriented. The weight and space saved, should it hold up to abuse and damage in the field, could be considerable.









The designer advised Co. Design, “Studying [catastrophic events and natural disasters] and seeing pictures in the media, I realized that civilians also take part in the rescue efforts to save their relatives, friends, and neighbors by removing rubble and even saving trapped people under fallen houses..."

It is apparently lightweight and easy to manufacture, though I haven't been able to find any additional details.

More on the tool here.




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