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"Battery Bricks" from Fight & Flight


Fight and Flight has put together a new piece of kit in response to an 'all call' from Death Valley Magazine (DVM is run by a PSC contractor who writes reviews and op-ed from over in the AOR). DVM put asked for nylon gear manufacturers to come up with a solution to a specific problem - they needed a pouch to carry 20 AA or AAA batteries, securely, whether in a contained location (like a modular pouch) or loose (like if it's been tossed in a pack or  a duffel bag). Fight and Flight's answer to that, prototyped and built in just a couple of hours, was the 'Blackjack Battery Brick'. It holds 21 AA batteries and folds up into a 2.5"x2"x6" brick, so it will fit into a 2-mag magazine pouch. It also holds its cargo securely enough that you can toss it into a ruck and now worry about losing anything (they filled a brick up then banged and tossed it around to make sure they'd hold).

Note: the AA Blackjack Battery Brick carry CR123s, but you'll need to leave the center file of slots empty because they're a little wider than the AAs. You can fill it all the way but it won't fold as smoothly. If there is a demand Fight and Flight may do a specific CR 123 in the future. Meantime you can get either AA or AAA bricks as you prefer.

The Blackjack Battery Bricks are in the EDC - LEO section of the website. You can also follow them on Facebook.






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