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AMTEC Less-lethal launcher


AMTEC has several less lethal delivery options. 12 Gauge, 37mm and 40mm; some multi-barrel, some single-shot, one that can be mounted under a long gun. More on their launchers here. This particular launcher is made by Lewis Machine and Tool and is rated to handle everything from less-lethal up to HE.

Note: the whole "launcher" terminology has its roots in the the LE world and is a a result of our overly litigious society. Sadly semantics have become extremely important. For instance, when you're up on the stand you absolutely do not say you "shot the suspect" with a 12 gauge beanbag from a 12 gauge shotgun. You say you "launched 12 gauge less lethal from a less lethal launcher" or you "delivered less lethal with a 37mm less lethal launcher" so the defense has a more limited ability to use it against you. Objective Reasonableness provides only a limited justification.

Sad eh?


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