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As you might have expected, we're going to touch on the recent tragic events in Aurora, CO. There's not much we can offer beyond prayers and condolences; anything else would be platitudes or (even worse) might smack of exploitation. That said, the victims deserve our regard and our remembrance. I'm fairly certain most of the readership here would agree that we have a duty to try and prevent such events in the future as well.

Though frankly I don't see any way to prevent them...just to end them before too much tragedy is done.

There is a lot of heated commentary and debate going on out there and it won't go away anytime soon. Most of it has to do with gun control. We need more of it, we need less of it, high capacity magazines spell doom to the common man, etc. etc. Some of it is intelligent commentary (just having a concealed weapon is insufficient; proper training and preparation is vital) to the conspiracy/ridiculous (the shooter was trained and funded by a secret UN-backed or BATF-administered cabal needing a convenient massacre) to the inane (Sen. Feinstein, D-California, assures us that 1 in 5 police officers is killed by an assault weapon).

We're interested in commentary and discussion, not hyperbole and ridiculosity. Please post intelligently and keep it pertinent.

We'll start with this piece written by Travis Haley of Haley Strategic.

The original title: Thoughts for tonight

Travis Haley, Haley Strategic Partners

Fact: If a criminal is willing to commit a crime, then they are willing to commit a crime to acquire a weapon to act that crime out. So if the Gov't takes away the responsible armed citizen rights to carry and or own a firearm then the Gov't is only stripping us from our protective rights and allowing the criminal to continue to act as usual.

Fact: The majority of concealed carry and open carry armed citizens are a liability. Just because you go through a 1 day course doesn't not mean that you can problem solve an armored active shooter in a never expected, dark, tear gassed disruptive environment with screaming people while stepping over dead bodies. You must understand advanced applications under stress. Just like a pilot graduating flight school doesn't mean he's ready to jump into air to air combat.

Fact: The second amendment was created to facilitate the right to life. NO man, law, or opinion should ever infringe on the natural right to defends one's self, family, or someone in society who's life is being threatened.

Fact: If you stand for the the Far Left or Far Rights opinion on gun control, then yes… you have an opinion too.

Fact: When politicians take an anti-Second Amendment stance, we seriously need to wonder about their motives.

Fact: When American citizens take an anti-Second Amendment stance, we seriously need to wonder about their status of "American"

Fact: The Second Amendment does not grant us this right. This right already existed. The Second Amendment merely prevents the government from infringing on it.

Fact: There is a Scumbag criminal out there right now about to break into someones home in the middle of the night and hurt or kill someone. If you take away the Second Amendment then… the scumbag is still going to break into someones home in the middle of the night and hurt or kill someone.

Fact: I can have my neighbors call 911 and tell dispatch: "A man just shot and killed everyone in my neighbors house and ran out the front door" or I can call 911 and tell dispatch: "A man just broke into my house and presented a lethal threat to my family and I killed him as he came through my front door."

Fact: When a gun is sitting on a table it is only a gun sitting on a table… When a killer picks it up, it's only a tool that the killer picks up. When the killer shoots an innocent with the tool everyone forgets about the killer and blames the tool.

Fact: Switzerland virtually has no crime… hmmm

Fact: The spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists.


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