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Tandem Research and Innovations Company (TAREINCO) has a number of different, well, innovative designs. One of these is the SOB Pouch (SOB stands for Survival Options Belt-Pouch).

EDIT: I got this wrong. It's Survival Options Belt-Pouch, not Special Options Belt Pouch as I first wrote it. My apologies to Tareinco.

Designed to carry essential items (the type that won’t really fit in a wallet) on your belt, it has a ripaway feature that allows the user to pull it free in a hurry (such as in the case of diabetic issue, or severe allergic reaction). Though initial interest appears to have been from hikers, campers and similar users (my understanding is TAREINCO designer Mark Basa has some background in survival and extreme outdoor type activities in addition to formal training in the EMS/trauma medical field), it has proven to be a popular design as an EDC carrier for all and sundry.

Measuring approximately 3” x 5.75”, the SOB Pouch is good for ID, keys, flint & steel, 550 cord, MP3 player, a pressure bandage, etc…pretty much anything of that nature. It is sewn here in the US as part of what Tareinco refers to as their “NIMG (Non-Imported Manufactured Gear) line”…and no, they don’t take themselves too seriously. Think of it as a sort of first-, second- and third-line type gear element for the civilian/outdoor world. If you’re on a day hike and you drop your pack for some reason (hopefully not a Taliban ambush), you’ll still have your medical kit, prescription or car keys with you.

A variety of SOB Pouches from Tareinco.

As mentioned, the pouch attaches via belt loops that will pull apart when the user jerks the pulltab (there is a non ripaway model, and you don’t have to get a red pulltab)

They’re made of 1000D Cordura, YKK zippers and milspec hook-and-loops. The belt loops will fit up to 2” wide belts (which means you can hook it to a strap too, if preferred). Most run $25.00 each; A-TACS and MultiCam are $27.00.  There is a strip of Velcro on the front of the pouch for morale patches or designators.

Custom SOB Pouch made for Epi pens for a customer's son.

The SOB Pouch is available in black, foliage green, coyote, OD, A-TACS, MultiCam, and RealTree AP with OD loop Velcro and orange pulltab (black pulltab optional).

Order your SOB Pouch at One thing to be aware of, if you do order. It's a small shop and a new offering line. There may be a wait of 4-5 days before new SOB orders go into production, which means your order could take 10-14 to complete.

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