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TAD's Dauntless Knife: Coming Soon


For those who like Triple Aught Design, particularly TAD Gear knives, we have good news. They have a lot of new stuff coming up for Fall 2012 and one of them is a production version of the Dauntless folder. We are not sure exactly when it's slated for release, just that it is coming soon (all that's left is to put the edges on and fasten the clips), but here is a look at what is to come.


This version of the TAD signature knife will be sold in Ranger Green G10, Black G10 and Titanium. It'll be in S30V Steel and will run approximately $300 ($400 for the one in Titanium). It will be the first ever TAD Dauntless they design and produce exclusively themselves.

For more check back on the Triple Aught Design website or their Facebook page.


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