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Warrior South: Tactical Tailor's "Fight Light" Battle Belt and Harness

The Tactical TailorFight Light Battle Belt and Harness is a rig that can be worn by itself or with armor and plate carriers (including, obviously, the Tactical Tailor plate carrier).


My thoughts: the Battle Belt and Battle Belt Harness are light, modular and were obviously well thought out (at least a couple iterations were worn by some of local boys at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in the development phase to refine the design).

I'll address the Harness first. It rides very well and I never felt any pinching or rubbing, but I personally I don't care for it: that's not because of any issue with the harness itself.  I'd rather just wear the belt by itself and throw on a plate carrier. That said, of the four other guys who spent time wearing my T&E sample, three were completely happy with it and preferred it over running a belt solo. That's why I think it's just going to vary from individual to individual as a matter of choice. If you do prefer a harness, this one is put together very well.

Now, the Battle Belt is damn comfortable and I really liked it.  I put mine together with a very old, well used rigger's belt and it worked perfectly. The features allowing for easy access and efficient modularity make it a winner with me, because I'm constantly adding and removing pieces of kit depending on what I'm writing about or which weapon I'm setting it up for. If this is the battle belt you choose to go with I don't see you being disappointed.

Tactical Tailor's website is and they're on Facebook at

Remember, you can always get the belt (and anything else we cover from Warrior South) from ADS, the guys who invited all of us there. Any Warrior South brand we write about can be found in the ADS online catalog.

Don't forget, Warrior East is coming up soon if you're in the area.

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