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Serious question for those who've combat deployed


ALCON: I got word from Jacey over at  SpouseBUZZ | Military spouses connect and share and she asked for help from Kit Up readers. She says:

"David, I got a letter this week from a new Marine's fiancee.  She says that her guy is leaving in three weeks on his first 8 month deployment.  "He seems good," she says.  Problem is:  he won't talk about it.  He doesn't want to talk about the deployment.  He doesn't want to talk about any danger he might be in.  This is making her crazy.  I could tell her that this is just how guys are.  But I think it would be better coming from your Kit Up brothers.  Could you ask them for me:  why don't men want to talk about the upcoming deployment?  Jacey"

You guys want to address this? CLEANLY and RESPECTFULLY. You're not talking to the young Gyrene, who may not even know she asked this question or is worried. You're talking to his no doubt equally young fiancee. If you have any advice, or your significant others do, please advise.

Thanks fellas,





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